1. For people out of work, or on a low income. 

2. If you pay rent and/or Council Tax - may be entitled to Housing Benefit (HB) and Council Tax Benefit (CTB), as well as Income Based JSA. (See Factsheets Nos. 4 & 5) 

3. With Income Based JSA you will qualify for ‘Passported Benefits’ which are:

  • Free prescriptions
  • Free dental treatment and dentures
  • Free sight tests and glasses
  • Free wigs and fabric supports
  • Fares to hospital
  • Free milk and vitamins
  • Free school meals for children

  • 4. You may also qualify for Social Fund Payments, e.g. loans or grants

    5. Your savings and other capital must not be over £8,000 - if they are over £3,000 - £1 will be taken off benefit each week for every £250 or part of £250over £3,000 so the deduction would be £4 per £1,000. 

    6. You cannot work more than 16 hour a week and your partner cannot work more than 24 hours per week. If you do see Factsheet No. 1 on Working Families Tax Credit

    7. You are not in full time education, but if in part time education may qualify (See Factsheet No. 2f)

  • Can study part time if on Income Based JSA (under 16 hours). (See Factsheet No. 2f) 

  • 9. You must sign on as available for and actively seeking work 

    10. You are entitled to two weeks holiday per year within the UK, but while on holiday must still be available for work. Your claim would cease if you go out of the UK. 

    11. You must tell the Employment Service and Benefits Agency when going on holiday and must sign on day after returning off holiday - if you don’t you will lose the two weeks money while you were on holiday

    12. You don’t have to have paid National Insurance Contributions

    13. You can claim for yourself, your partner and any dependants

    14. Income Based JSA is calculated on your ‘Applicable Amount’ which is what the Law says you need to live on, any other money you have coming in and your capital if over £3,000, will be offset against the applicable amount.

  • (See 5 above)

  • 15. Must claim in writing on form JSA 1

    16. Claim will be made and start from the date you asked for the form

    17. Income Based JSA is paid weekly or fortnightly by Giro cheque or direct to your Bank/Building Society account, usually in arrears.

    18. If you have a mortgage it may also cover your mortgage interest payments, but there have been changes to the rules on this and you should read the enclosure on this area.

  • (See Factsheet No. 3)

  • 19. £5 of your earnings is disregarded if you are single, £10 is disregarded if you are a couple whether or not you are both working and £15 if you are a single parent.

    N.B. Income Support has not been removed altogether, it is still payable to certain categories of people who do not qualify for JSA (contributory and income based), who are on low income and unavailable for work.

    IF IN DOUBT ABOUT ANYTHING - CLAIM - and/or Seek Advice from

    0121 771 0871 

     Contributions Based 

     Unemployed and Signing On